• on June 17, 2015 -

Notice – Comprehensive Report

At the end of summer a comprehensive report about the already finished AshMelT project will be published including details, facts and impact of the project as well as final project results.

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  • on February 1, 2015 -

Save the Date – 26th of February 2015

The consortium of the AshMelT project is organizing a workshop in the frame of the World Sustainable Energy Days, Wels, Austria on 26th of February. The “Workshop on the Results of the AshMelT project” gives an outlook for a new and reliable ash melting test for biomass fuels. More detailed information about the workshop programme [...]

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  • on October 20, 2014 -

Contributions of AshMelT workshop are now available

The 3rd international SafePellets workshop were held in the frame of the 13th Pellets Industry Forum on 15th October 2014 in Berlin. More than 130 pellets interested people signed up for the workshop. In total four presentations related to the topic of slagging in small scale applications were performed. Further information about the AshMelT workshop [...]

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